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Issued on 10/10/2012

Get a free Vietnam Package Tour Guides to tailor your trip in Vietnam the best way!Welcome all of you to our beautiful Vietnam – the country which is on the way to get out of the sorrowful wars. As a Vietnam Local Tour Operator, we would like to wish you all a very memorable journey in Vietnam! We do hope that the following information will be useful for your planning vacation in Vietnam


Vietnam is a nation situated in the Eastern of the Indochina Peninsula in South East Asia with the population of over 90 Millions (2014) and the beauty 54 Ethnic groups and a long coast line of over 3000 km with so many beautiful beaches. With the length of 2000 km long, Vietnam is divided into 03 geographical parts: The North, the Center and the South. It is then the reason why when you customize a trip to the Whole Vietnam, you will not use only 01 tour guide for the whole trip as the cost of the guide’s traveling with you will add up to the cost of the tour and any Vietnam tour company is doing the same way with the Classic Tour Packages in Vietnam.


Please view the Visa On Arrival Guide Video HERE

Getting Visa to Vietnam is now so easy. You will not need and Should not bring your passport to Vietnam Embassy in your country to apply for a Visa. It takes too much of time and even more costly. The Visa On Arrival now is so easy that we will need only your passport copy and the plan for your visit. It is only 02 days you can get an Official Invitation Letter from Vietnam Immigration Department and with that you can fly to Vietnam to get the stamps with 45$ for Single Entry and 95$ for Multiple Entry at the Vietnam airport. Visa On Arrival (VOA) is already included in any Vietnam tour packages.


Vietnam Travel Map with major cities in Vietnam for tour packages

Vietnam Tourism cities

It is important to know that you can fly to 03 international airports to check in Vietnam. Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi (HAN) in the North of Vietnam. Danang (DAD) in the center of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) in the South. So far, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city are the 02 common places where you can fly in and out almost daily. Danang is now slowly improved with some international flights from Singapore or Malaysia. Careful if you want to get a Airport Private transfer to town by yourself without bargaining the cost with the driver in advance. In Vietnam, the meters can run very fast!

There are also many domestic airports connecting tourists from the 03 big cities. Counting from North to South, we have Cat Bi airport in Hai Phong (90 kms East from Hanoi); Dien Bien airport in the far North West where you can visit the remote mountainous untouched area of Vietnam. Dong Hoi airport is the best place to enjoy Phong Nha National park with Son Doong cave, Phong Nha and Paradise cave. Phu Bai airport in Hue is now under renovation and will be just over 100kms from Danang. Further to the Southern Center, Cam Ranh airport is the gate of Nha Trang beautiful beach; Da Lat airport is 25 kms from Dalat ever-spring town. Can Tho airport in the middle of Mekong delta and Phu Quoc airport is in the biggest island of Vietnam where emerald beaches can be found. 




Trang An world heritage Day tour with a Hanoi Local guide

Trang An world heritage tour with Hanoi guide

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam with the Old Quarter where historical and cultural characters remain without many changes. Hanoi is also famous with temples, museums and pagodas. It is also the home-base for Halong Bay and Sapa tours. Once tailoring your Vietnam Day tours in Hanoi Surroundings, you can book our Listed Hanoi Tour guides who are experienced guide who can guide you in any places in the North of Vietnam. You should also spend time for a Hanoi City Tour and specially enjoying our special product: Hanoi Food Tour which is listed up into your MUST-DO.

You can view the Day Tours in Hanoi and Hanoi Tour Package to choose your suitable activities. It is strongly recommended that you can contact us to further customize your trip in Hanoi. Hanoi is also the homeland of Vietnam Local Tour Operator – VTT



To learn more about Halong Bay Good Cruises, Please click HERE

Hạ Long Bay is an area of around 1,553 km 2 with the appearance of 2000 islands which are limestone. Halong Bay became the World heritage site in 1994 and ever since, it has been recognized as the MOST wonderful part of Vietnam, the MUST-GO destination in the North of Vietnam.

Halong bay cruise tour

Enjoying one of 7 Natural Wonders with an overnight cruise

It is quite a long day for a Day Tour to Halong Bay from Hanoi. An overnight cruise in to Halong Bay is always advised with 01 or 02 nights on the cruise. Over 150 cruises in Halong Bay now and if you want a Recommended Cruises List from us, we are here to provide free information. Some cruises get special deals with us and you can visit at: Halong Bay Cruise Crazy Deals.

Halong city is also a popular stop for Oversea Cruises. The List of Halong City Tour guides is here to provide Cruise Tourists the best services once they get shore excursions out of the Tour Bus and find the real local value for the trip with the Halong Cruise Harbor tours.





sapa tour package

Local Sapa Ethnic girls in Sapa town

This is not a MUST SEE but it is the second most popular destination in the North of Vietnam. Sapa is over 300 km distance from Hanoi & it is a nice place to see the nature and the local ethnic culture which deserves the long drive. You can choose a Sapa Tour Package and get a Local Tour Guide in Sapa to go with your trip. It is safer to go by night train from Hanoi to Lao Cai (30 km from Sapa) and the shortest package can be 3 nights 2 days. A bus tour to Sapa is normally within 5 hours  for 1 way. It seems to be more risky but it gives a chance for the one does not like the train travel and you can view many things in the day light.

The highlight of any Sapa tour Packages will be the visit to a local village and the Sapa Market tour of the hill tribe where the true untouched cultures still get preserved.  


Hue Danang Hoian city tour guides by Vietnam tour company

A corner of Hoian Ancient town

Starting with the Imperial City of Hue, a tranquil city for those seeking peace and plenty of history and culture and the place of the last feudalism in Vietnam stayed. Danang city is better- known as the Port point of the area in the middle of the heritage line and also an often Stop of Ocean Cruises. The beautiful heritage town of Hoi An, a highlight of any tour in Vietnam. The charming architecture remains as it was centuries before, faded yellow colored facades with Chinese-style roofing, creating a setting reminiscent of an ancient Far East fairy tale. By night, you can dine by the quiet river and enjoy the brilliant show of paper lanterns being set afloat, illuminating dark water with color. Hoi An is also famous for its high-quality silk shops, tailors and cobblers. My Son Holy Land is also a popular visiting place for the learning of Champa culture and the holy land of over 7 centuries old with many remains. The stunning of Phong Nha and Paradise cave (In Son Doong cave area) is also within the reach of the Vietnam Heritages Lines tour.

Our Hue Danang Hoian Tour Guides are the host of these places. Once you ever visit their home, set them the chance to be in your Customized tour package in the Center of Vietnam and let them show you all corners of these beautiful cites and landscapes.


Ho Chi Minh city tour guides

Notre Dame Cathedral – A French architecture in Saigon

To be the starting or the end of your Vietnam trip, Saigon (So-called Ho Chi Minh city) is the most developed city in Vietnam with many international air flights in and out per day. Ho Chi Minh City‘s local charm remains intact in its timeless alleys, ancient pagodas, teeming markets and grinning street-side merchants hawking silk, spices, baskets and Vietnam’s beautiful crafted lacquer-ware. Venture out to the famous Cu Chi tunnels tour, a complex and dense maze of over 250 kilometres of secret underground passages used by the Viet Cong in the 1960s. Or going along the Saigon City Tour within the surrounding wide avenues the French history is ever-evident in the Notre Dame Cathedral, Opera House, Post Office and the Reunification Palace. The highlight of your tour in the South of Vietnam is Mekong delta trip with wonderful rural characters of the land of Nine Dragons.

With our best Saigon tour guides, whose qualifications have met the requirements (VTT), we are sure that your trip is in a safe hand – the one who is also working to create their own Excellent trade mark as a Private tour guides in Vietnam!

To further promoting this wonderful land, VTT would be eager to customize any vacation package to suit the personal demand of each customer group. Be with us and “Get Your Tour Guide & Travel”

Let’s enjoy Vietnam Tour in YOUR Tailored way!

Vietnam Tour Tailor Team!