Review System

Issued on 10/10/2012

Thank you for your interests in our services and traveling with us!

VTT Review System to help our future clients know about the productTo help everybody understand better the VTT guides and tour services, we will normally ask you to get (a) Rating(s) on our site . For customers, please do not consider it as a bother – when after using the VTT Tour and Tour guide services- we will ask for your rating (You will have each rating for each guide you go with during your Vietnam Package Tour). Each of the review will be the important factor forUS and the Tour Guide & future clients to know our performances and to serve you better in the future and also help to build up the Profile for the Tour guide him(her)self!

Our review of a Tour will have 2 parts: Tour Overall and Guide Performance. It is strongly believed that the tour quality is determined largely with the guide performance on and you can choose each guide to go for a specific tour that you think he(she) is very good at when viewing his(her) performance before you choose a guide. 

For the Tour Guide ratings, we take the mark of the Guide Performance in the Tour Review so that clients will be able to know the quality of the guide in particular. Arrangements of all the services in your tour is the job of VTT and the guide deserves to get a private trade mark. We believe that once you get satisfied with the guide, the tour is always successful. However, if something you do not like about  the tour, it will be very clear with the guide’s responsibility or the tour operator’s duty.

Your review after getting to our system, if it meets the guidelines of our forum would go live. Please keep in mind these following instructions if you are going to post a review on our site:

1. Poster must be over 18 years old. This is not something we decided arbitrarily – it’s the law. We also believe that the review will stand for the group or personal(s) ratings about a service or guide who they PAY for and understand the value of the payment.

2. We do not post up the review less than 50 words or which is copied else where.

3. We welcome referrals, recommendations, and critiques from our travelers to make the service better but not the Posting of guide information and personal contacts.

4. Multiple messages targeting any member(s) for insults, attacks, personal comments or Challenges to another member’s right to participate on our site would not be accepted.

5. Post carefully and respectfully – You have a brief window of time in which to edit your post, but after that you can’t change your spelling, fix your grammar or take back any off-hand comments you may have made. A single profanity, hostile comment or personal insult – even in a well-considered post – can lead to the removal of a post.


For the tour guide comment to a review, please notice some as following:


1. Respectfully response to the customers review.

The review is the feeling of the client about the tour. In case of trouble, we strongly recommend the guides to look at the feed-backs, understand the weaknesses of themselves and try to be better. You may get not good mark today but you will be professional tomorrow.  A single profanity, hostile comment or personal insult in your comments will lead to the fact that your comments will not go live and your future chances of working will be shorten as this is also a channel clients or travel agencies will find a guide for the trip.

The Guide Response should be the one that says the fact of the story if the tour is in trouble. We always want to get the look from different sides to make us a better tour operator in Vietnam.

We mark and rank the guide with the total mark every month and at lest 10 tours but not just a few clients or 1 review. After 10 reviews on the site, Tour Guides can change the wished salary per day to be hired as we believe good guides deserves better paid! Please remember in your mind that just 1 terrible mark may lead to the reality that the customers will not want you to go with them in the future.

2. Speaking the truth:

Please do not try to make up the story or excuses if you are in trouble. Simply tell us the truth as we are the one who stand in the middle to pay you instead of the clients and we are responsible for the clients satisfactions as they are using you as a part of their Vietnam Tour with us!