Vietnam Tour Tailor Company Payment Method

‘Vietnam Tour Tailor Company Payment Method’ would describe you the way to transfer the money to guarantee or book  your tour services or send the money as a partner with VTT. In general, Asia businesses prefer Cash for big contracts.

1. Payment Online with Vietnam Tour Tailor Company LTD:

When you receive our quote encrypted, you will find a link in the letter, click it and you connect to the third party website for payment. You will continue the following steps of this common system. The process is very simple as you can click to pay and the result will appear clearly with the note: “Your invoice was paid successfully!” right after the successful payment. This will appear both in your invoice as well as VTT invoice immediately.

All Transactions Online via our site would be FREE and customers will need to pay NO EXTRA FEE for the payment of services. Just enjoy the convinience of Vietnam Tour Tailor Company LTD would like to bring to you for your Vietnam journey.

Note: We would exchange to Vietnamese Dong and the rate will be according to the Date of transaction – the Buying rate of USD (as we will need to buy it from the bank). – Exchange Rate is now 22.800 D/ 1 USD (01/01/2017)

You can view our Bank Partner Payment Process at:

We normally made a hold of the services in 48 hours to wait for deposit. Out of that time the hold will be released. During the Holding time, we will normally ask for a deposit for the trip via the live link:

For guide services: It is a non-refundable 40$ invoice amount.

For a Cruise service: It is a 40$ invoice following cruise policy.

For shopping our tours via our site, you will need to pay in full the amount.

2. Paying by PayPal

– If you transfer money from a USD account opened outside the U.S., add 3.9% + U.S. $ 0.3 as PayPal fees to your total.

– If the transfer was made from an account not in dollars, add 3.9% + 2.5% (exchange fee) + U.S. $ 0.3 as PayPal fees to your total.
To avoid the complication for our customers, we will count those costs and add to your order
Note: When Paypal or have reason to doubt that your payment is fraudulent, we have the right to keep your reservation and ask for another payment method.

Special Notice: VTT mostly uses PayPal for refund the services. Since Paypal is so easy and any individual can work with, VTT does not receive payment by Paypal as we use our System of that only the REAL companies can use with Logotrade mark in any voucher you pay. For more information, please visit our CLAIM

3. Bank Transfer:

Fees are charged to the Customer. You will find below the bank details of Vietnam Tour Tailor Company Limited:

Recipient Name: Do Duc Phong
Beneficiary Account Number: 101020000524793
Bank Address:  Hoan Kiem DISTRICT, HANOI, VIETNAM.
Swift code or code for the bank transfer: ICBVVNVX
Website: http://www.vietinbank(dot)vn/web/home/en/index.html

Notice:Due to the different local banks in different nations and transfer methods that your payment will be asked for the SENDING Fees. This SENDING Fees are covered by buyer of the product. We will send you the Bank Report with official Vietinbank Stamp and signature to be the proof of the total money we get in our account.

All banks will transfer the money with WIRE TRANSFER system and when you do the payment with this, please kindly notice the 2 times fee you will have to pay and 1 fee we will have to cover by ourselves.

Example: We got a client from Israel transferred 1200$ to us, the bank asked him 15$ for transaction to bring his money from his account to the bank to do the transaction. We finally got only 1,160.80$ after the Wire transfer fee of 37$ (Which will be covered by clients’s after). Vietinbank will further charge 2.2$ for receiver’s fee. Then the client paid totally 1.215$ + 37$. Total fee for 2 sides for this transfer is 54.2$

To know about the Fee to bring your money to our account, you should ask your bank support for this matter of money transfer.

4. Payment via Western Union – RECOMMENDED with discount. Please contact for details!

Please use our following information:
Name: Phong
Last name: Do Duc
Address: No. 35/191, Thach Ban Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi City, Vietnam Country.
Number ID: 145171216
Phone: +84 988836118
And send us the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and PIN (if needed) after your sending money.