Issued on 15/09/2015


Good and bad, FAKE and REAL, it is always very complicated in Asia while you are planning your trip. Sometimes you may find some of our information elsewhere but it is NOT us. VTT is hereby to claim the legal problem:

1. There is a FAKE website for car rental who gets our web-name as their company name. Be careful with: We have too many tourists said they get scams HERE.

2. Our Official Facebook fan-page is Asia Pearl Travel Day Tours & Guides that you can find HERE, As it is a Social page and we cannot prevent everybody from creating something related to our webpage or even add our website as a link. It is simply NOT us.  

3. A lot of webpages will try to copy our name of the website (as Asia Pearl Travel) and when you shop with them, please read carefully who they are. Please also notice our team and services here at:

4. Since Paypal is so easy and even an individual can work with, VTT does not receive payment by Paypal as we use our System of that only the REAL companies can use with Logo, trade mark in any voucher you pay. So if you are shopping with Paypal, it is NOT us who you are traveling with.

We hope you will have a safe online planning with your Vietnam and Asia Trip and do hope it will be a good Vietnam memory you will have with us or with someone else. But please do not travel with somebody else who are Not Us but using our name.


As a local tour operator in Vietnam, a part from our Private Tours those quality we have mastered, VTT is also the common booking channels for many Group tours, hotels, train, bus services. When you are traveling with us with these services, you Agreed With The Following Claims:

1. Quality

– VTT does not control the quality of the products we are just the middle man for. You agree that the bad things from the our partner itself that may come to your weak satisfaction of the product is NOT our fault.

2. What should you do when you are not satisfied with the company who run the service that VTT is the middle man for?

VTT is in charge of paying the service provider(s) instead of you and keep the money or part of the money if there is any problem arises during your use of service and: When you are not satisfied with the service, please a.s.a.p contact us through: or with our hotline +84988836118.

In many cases the services did not meet your expectation as the problem happens. Please contact VTT via this form within 03 days after your use of the services (Out of that 03 days VTT is not responsible for any further complaints). Your input will be investigated and the service providers and you will get to know each other’s ideals for the matter with VTT served in the middle as a arbitrator.  We do not promise the refund of the services in all cases but all of our travel partners have a good business relationship and trade-mark to keep on our site via our Review System. In all cases, VTT will protect the sake of Customers first as well as the Rights of the Customers and Service Providers.

  • Please add your Online Invoice Number so that we can recall your booking details with correct information.

3. Ratings

– When you make a rating for us with the group tours, hotels, train, bus services… Please rate us as the middle man and our work for the arrangement of your services. It is strongly advisory for you to make a Best Rate Guarantee Claim if you find a lower deal than us so that there can’t be any problem after (This is also to help VTT to be always the cheapest channel to shop for tours). VTT always affirms that we do well our part job.

– When a Group tour, hotels, train, bus services finish ,VTT will also send the link of the service provider who provided the service for you to make a rating their. We believe that once we develop, our partners should be developed too. That will come to a bigger Vietnam and Asia tourism market. 

– We strongly wish that you can share our partner’s work via our Rating Link for the service we have worked for you. Your rating is the best for us to know who are the good partner(s) to work with in a long term and the quality of the service in everyday basis. We are always looking for the best partner for each of the service provided so your contribution is really appreciated.

–  Online Ratings: When you make rating for our online link, you are here to agree that the rating is for Our work part only.  We are responsible for your satisfaction as the middle man and we help to pay them instead of you but we are not the person who will bear the complaints if the service is not running well (Except that is the mistake from our part). 

It is very clear that who makes the mistakes should be in charge of it on its own.

It is also strongly advised that you should take the Private Tour options instead of the Group Tour to maximize your satisfaction.


As a True Local Tour Operator in Vietnam, VTT have the long term business with all the cruises, hotel, car companies, Government Immigration Department… VTT is hereby to claim that you can send us a BEST RATE GUARANTEE CLAIM to tell us that somebody is offering a service with a cheaper price than Us – A True Local Tour Operator. If they are offering with the same service and with a cheaper price, it is the PROMISE from VTT that we will lower down 2 – 5% of the price of that service for your booking at any price. Please find the Claim in the Form as below:

Have a great Vietnam Tour.

Best regards,